Standard and Miniature


Testing is slightly different for standard and miniature poodles.

Standard poodles are hips tested, where it is not a requirement for miniature poodles.

Miniature poodles are more prone to slipping patellas for which there is no test.

All the dogs in my breeding program are DNA tested, or they are clear by parentage.

There are many genetic diseases that have no DNA test available.

All tests are full breed profile, so whatever tests have become available will be done.

 The test are performed by Orivet Genetic Pet Care.

Testing for RD is performed by DOGenes in Canada.

Hip scores are mostly done by Dr John Hamilton at Avonsleigh Veterinary Centre.

Sometimes the owners choose to use their own vet for the hips score.

Sebaceous adenitis is performed when necessary by Dr. John Hamilton.

The DNA test are


DEGENERATIVE MYELOPATHY ~ DM is a progressive disease of the spinal cord.

MUCOPOLYSACCHARIDOSIS ~  a group of genetic disorders that cause physical deformities and organ dysfunction. 

NEONATAL ENCEPHALOPATHY ~ NE disease of the brain that becomes apparent soon after pups are born.

PROGRESSIVE ROD CONE DEGENERATION ~ PRA-PRCD  vision loss due to progressive rod cone degeneration. 

VON WILLEBRAND'S DISEASE TYPE I ~ VW1 a genetic disorder caused by missing a clotting protein.

ELLIPTOCYTOSIS (B-SPECTRIN) ~is an inherited blood disorder. 

RENAL DYSPLASIA ~ RD is an autosomal-dominant multifactorial genetic renal disease of dogs.

SEBACEOUS ADENITIS ~ SA is a rare type of inflammatory skin disease that affects the skin glands.

FOLLICULAR DYSPLASIA  ~ is a genetic disease of dogs causing alopecia, or hair loss.

TRAIT(S): These are for colour and marking classification.




All the dogs have their results with their photos on this website.

Some of the younger ones are still waiting to be tested.

PRA is more common in miniatures than standards. 

The main test for minis is the PRA test. All my minis are either an A or B grade

A is clear and B is a carrier. 

Ideally we work toward getting all our puppies to an A grade.

It is quite acceptable to put an A to a B. 

There is no official test for slipping patellas however vets manipulate the knees during routine health checks to feel for any signs of slipping.

I test randomly for SA. To my knowledge I have not one case in the puppies I have bred. 

It's a very invasive test where the dogs are anaesthetised and skin punches are taken from various places.

I test for renal dysplasia. I know the status of all my dogs.

This test is not required by the Poodle Club Of Victoria, and is not considered by most breeders to be of a major importance. If you require more information regarding RD I am happy for you to call.