Standard and Miniature

Retired Girls

My Gemma

Neiger Forever Amber

This is Gemma, the start of my breeding, and the light of my life.

My first standard poodle was black boy bred by Flo Varker.

My next poodle was also a black boy bred by Ian Hinde

I then decided a change of gender and colour was called for and I bought Gemma.

Mother of Sophie, and Ruby, grandmother of Jasper, Nova and Cali, and great grandmother to Charlie Bear.

(we are both glammed up for this occasion not how we normally look)

R.I.P Gemma

3rd October 2013

My Kate

Tannah Sweet Jinjabiskit

Such a gentle loving girl with a sweet nature.
Shwas a great mother anhasomawesome puppies.
Daughter of the gorgeous Lilly, mother of Nina, Gigi and George.
grandmother of Lola and Stamper. 

(Kate has the dubious honour of being the dog that ate my Prada handbag.)

                                    R.I.P Kate 
                          23rd March 2015


Ch. Tannah The Angel

My first champion now retired. A very special girl who lives with Bridget and Nina.
Bridget says that Sophie is a 'go with the flow' kind of girl.
Mother to Jasper and my sweet Nova, grandmother to Charlie Bear.

Sophie is clear for NE, DM, VD1. with a hip score of 0. 
Her eye test has found her eyes to be normal .

My Storm

Marlau Midnight Storm

Storm has a unique and individual character. The town bully if she is allowed to get away with it. 

Chief in charge of excavations, she enjoys renovating in the back yard, and tipping over water buckets. 
In her youth she loved to hunt but she is a bit old for it now, she gives up and would rather sit in the back of the ute. Very independent girl. 
She has some wonderful offspring to carry on her line. Her daughter Siyah has been recently championed, 
Her son Zac is the father of Nina and George. Lola and Stamper are Storms great grandbabies. 


                                Tannah Super Nova

My awesome Nova, she is such a sweetheart.

Daughter of Sophie, granddaughter of my Gemma.  

The mother of Charlie Bear, she now live in Mt Eliza with Glenda after being desexed.

Unfortunately we were never to get a second litter from Nova. 

DNA - DM. NE. VW. clear by parentage

Hip score 4


Ice Illusion's Cocoa Kisses(Imp Sweden)

Pagen is a very loving little girl from Sweden. She lives with Liz, but she enjoys spending time with granddaughter Martha. When Pagen joined her new family they renamed her Peggy. She is retired but we have one of her granddaughters Belle still in the program. We still see her regularly when she come to be groomed.

DNA Clear for DM: NE: VW Hip score 3


Ch. Sanvar's Ruby Tuesday (Imp. USA)


Ruby arrived here pregnant from Texas. After she had her puppies she was de-sexed and is now living a very happy life with Linda, Peter and Lloyd.
We were very surprised that two of her puppies were white. We kept a brown girl Paris, and a white Pippa, from this litter to continue her line. Pippa and Paris are now de-sexed but we have the very gorgeous Asha, Loulou, Rosie and Kaiser to continue her line.

DNA normal. Hips tests are different in the USA but they are classed as good  


                    Tannah Its All About The Angel

Mary and Lola are a popular sight in and around Mt Eliza.

People often stop them to ask about Lola.

We continue on with Misty who is also with Mary, so we will be keeping a connection with the lovely Lola.


Tannah Brown Eyed Girl ( IID USA)

 There is a saying that when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. So when your imported brown bitch gives you white puppies what do you do?
We decided to go with it and see what might eventuate. 
Although normally we don't breed white, it was decided to keep Pippa in the breeding program. She is a beautiful girl, very intelligent, sweet nature and great mother. We continue with her puppies, she is spayed and living with another Tannah poodle in Horsham  


Tannah Night Angel

ina was so small when she was a puppy we almost overlooked the quality of this girl
She lives with Sophie and their human Bridget who adores them and spoils them daily.
We continue with Lola and Stamper, Poppy and Foxy.
Now spayed and retired. She is such a gentle sweet girl much like her mother and grandmother.


Tannah Ruby Gem

Ruby started life as an apricot, then deepen to a red then came back to apricot.
Her mother is Gemma and her father is a brother of Kate, she is a lot like Lilly. She lives with Sandra and her family.

Now retired, we carry on her legacy with her daughter Cali. 

All DNA test clear and hip score 6 eyes normal