Standard and Miniature

Tannah Miniature Poodles.

Tannah Miniature Poodles. 
These amazing people allow me to continue to breed my miniature poodles.
I am grateful and blessed to have them care for my puppies.
hese are past, present and future girls and boys in our breeding program.

It all began with Kira.
~ Please note, DNA tests are either A or B for PRA.~

     KIRA retired

Kira is very social and loves to be sitting on a lap. Fortunately she lives in a very busy household with lots of laps to choose from. Here she is with two family members, Ryland and Paige. Kira had three litters and is now retired. 


                  BONNIE retired


                    CHARLIE retired

These are her puppies.

Bonnie and Charlie are retired.

Chimney, Pixal and Fifi are still in the program.




           JIMMY, COCO, & ELLIE
All the miniature poodles live in wonderful homes on breeders terms.
Without these gorgeous people we would not be able to improve our lines as we couldn't keep them all.
My thanks to all who participate.



Chimney is our champion boy.
He was campaigned by Debra White and a group of her friends.
He now lives with the gorgeous Cherylyn and her family.
Well behaved and well loved, he is a joy to them all.

Ch. Tannah Rebel in Disguise

Pixal lives with Niamh and her family.
He is beautifully behaved and wonderful with the children.
He will be an asset to the apricot line as his father is apricot.

Tannah Wild Rebel

Fifi lives with Debra Anne and an apricot poodle.
An active girl who will spend hours retrieving her toy for anyone who will throw it.
She has had one litter and we look forward to one more in the future.

Tannah Wild Design

Ellie went to live with Nicole when Charlie had her puppies.
Nicole has a daughter Hayley, and the two bonded straight away.
Halley is very committed to Ellie

Tannah Ebonee Angel


Bronte is our apricot girl.
Her grandmother was imported from New Zealand.
She lives with the lovely Casey.
Casey says Bronte is a pocket rocket with lots of energy.

Tannah Pink Champagne
CHARLIE retired
Charlie lives with Bob. They also have an apricot Tannah mini called Darcy.
They are close to the beach and are quite popular on their walks.
They were so impressed with Charlie that Bobs daughter wanted to take a puppy from Charlies litter on breeders terms. She is a sister to Chimney
Charlie is now retired. 

Tannah Charlies Angel
COCO retired
Michael and Sue have taken Coco into their lives and Coco is a constant companion to them both. Michael takes care of her grooming.
She is a very loved little girl.
She has had one litter and we continue on with her puppy
Now retired.

Tannah Time For Coco
JIMMY retired

Jimmy had one litter (with Bella) and then he was de-sexed.
He is a lovely boy and we wanted to keep his line.
We have a wonderful daughter of his in the breeding program.

Tannah Time To Shine