Standard and Miniature

About us.

We have been involved with poodles for many years but chose not to breed until we had an understanding of what was required by the breed standard and what we believe to be true qualities of the poodle.

Our poodles are not only house dogs they are working dogs, showing their true versatility and running with hounds during hunting expeditions.

While we love the look of the traditional black and white poodle, we also appreciate the wonderful warm colours of the apricot and brown.
When we first started we discovered there were very few breeders of quality apricot, and even fewer of the red. We decided to take the challenge of importing and breeding quality poodles in these wonderful colours.
Although there are many poodles on this site, please be assured that the girls in the breeding program generally have one litter and then are spayed and remain with the family they have lived with from a puppy. Occasionally we have two litters from the same girl. We usually keep a puppy from the litter to continue the line if we have one worthy of being in the program. This way we can continue to improve on the lines. 
We cannot express how thankful we are to all the people, past and present that have participated in the breeding program.